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Necroveg - Gluttony Cassette

  • Necroveg - Gluttony Cassette
  • Necroveg - Gluttony Cassette

For all the Barbaric Brutality OGs, you'll remember we released a Necroveg tape a little over a year ago and we're thrilled to continue to collab with Nate and all the deranged tunes he cooks up. The impossible Whopper whisperer is back with this terrifying full length, currently streaming evrywhere now. This shit is riff laden and is fucking relentless beginning to end; with enough grooves to leave you in a neck brace and enough hyper blasts to bring any Putrid Pile or Viral Load fan to immediate climax.

Printed on a smoky, whiskey colored transparent shell with a double sided, full color sticker labels.

Stock is on hand now and will ship ASAP. Please allow 5-10 business days for your order to ship out; thanks for your patience yall, I travel for work during the week so I really only have time to pack orders on my weekends.